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How to keep your jewelry shiny

by Myles Allen

How to Keep Your Sparkle Game


1. How to Shower Without Drowning Your Gems

Problem: You’re in the shower, belting out your favorite tunes, and suddenly you remember your necklace is still on. Panic mode activated!


  • Remove your jewelry: Before stepping into the water wonderland, take off your bling. They’re not fans of surprise pool parties.
  • Lotion first, jewels second: Apply moisturizer, perfume, and hairspray before adorning your gems. Trust me, they appreciate the VIP treatment.

2. Storage Hacks: Where Your Jewelry Dreams Come True

Problem: Your jewelry box resembles a tangled spaghetti mess. Earrings are whispering, “Help, we’re stuck!”


  • Separate and conquer: Each piece deserves its own space. No sibling squabbles allowed!
  • Velvet-lined boxes: Your jewels love a soft bed. Line your jewelry box with velvet or use individual pouches.
  • Sunlight? Nah!: Store your treasures away from direct sunlight. They’re not sunbathers; they’re sun-shy.

3. The Glamorous Cleaning Routine: Because Bling Deserves a Spa Day

Problem: Your earrings are giving side-eye—they want a spa day too!


  • Post-wear wipe-down: After flaunting your bling, give it a gentle wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth. Say goodbye to makeup smudges!
  • No harsh chemicals: Ditch the heavy-duty cleaners. They’re like the Hulk at a tea party. Instead, use mild soap and water.
  • Silver Lovers: For sterling silver, polish with a 100% cotton cloth and a nonabrasive metal cleaner. Rinse well, like you’re washing away drama.

4. Chemicals Are the Villains: Protect Your Precious Sidekicks

Problem: Your necklace is a superhero, but it’s battling evil chemicals.


  • Chlorine, begone!: Never let your jewelry swim in chlorine, saltwater, or mineral springs. They’re allergic.
  • Bleach? No, thanks!: Household cleaners with chlorine bleach? Not invited to the jewelry party. They can fade colors and loosen gemstones.

Remember, your jewelry is like a loyal sidekick—always there to dazzle you. Treat it with love, and it’ll shine brighter than a disco ball at Studio 54! 🕺💃

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